By Vittoria Malgioglio

If you are older than Gen Z, read this for our future, if you are a Gen Z, read this not to feel alone.

Our generation influences our identity more than you think. More than ever before, time runs fast thanks to technology and innovation: that’s why more than ever generations are different from one another.

I want to tell you about how being a Gen Z determines my career plans, why, and how it fires me up.

Generation Z has a very particular position in history: we are more interconnected by internet and infrastructure, we are more informed and educated than ever before, and thus we are also aware of the things that most urgently need to change;

we are…

By Vittoria Malgioglio and Dalila Cataldi

Three months have passed since China first locked down the city Wuhan, in a bid to prevent the spread of Covid-19. In only two months, the world changed so drastically that we still don’t know the exact magnitude of what has come upon us, and between partial and full lockdowns, only one thing is clear: it’s a huge shock for the whole world economy. The effects of this are already palpable for the most vulnerable classes, and what everybody really wants to know is: what will happen in the next months? What are governments…

Disclaimer: questo è un esercizio retorico ispirato dalla foto delle celebrazioni, e riflette sulla dimensione privata e “romantica” dell’evento senza prendere posizioni politiche. Rilassatevi e venite con me.

È il 25 Aprile 2020, sei il Presidente della Repubblica e ti rechi, solo, all’Altare della Patria: uno di quei luoghi sacri di marmo bianco su cui è fondata la democrazia Italiana. L’aria primaverile è calda e limpida sotto al cielo pesante. Il silenzio è interrotto solo dallo scattare delle fotografie della stampa in loco. Ti togli la mascherina e sali la scalinata bianca. …

Di Vittoria Malgioglio

Vivo in Olanda da tre anni: ecco come se la vivono qua gli olandesi e gli italiani.

Per ovvi motivi, le relazioni tra Italia e Olanda non sono esattamente amichevoli: negli ultimi mesi ho sentito, letto e visto cose accuse e cattiverie da entrambe le parti. Sembra che sia in Italia che in Olanda, il Covid-19 sia stato la scusa che tutti aspettavano per dare sfogo alle proprie frustrazioni ed alla propria amarezza.

Le brutture razziste vengono da entrambe le parti. E gli Italiani emigrati qua in Olanda, universitari e lavoratori, vi stanno proprio in mezzo.


The Hague lies at the heart of Dutch and international administrative structures, it is an incredibly rich city, which prides itself with the label of “the city of Justice and Peace” and hosts big immigrant and refugee communities. Yet, it is often seen as a very segregated city, where dialogue between different social groups is not the norm. The Humanity House is dedicated to bringing together refugees and local communities. In collaboration with 31mag, I went to take a look:

I talked with Mohammad al-Jaf and Jules Peerboom about the importance of sharing stories and “seeing through” each other, in…

In 2019, more than 18.000 people applied for asylum in the Netherlands. In 2018 it was more than 20.000, but only 36% of applications were ultimately accepted, while The Immigration and Naturalization Service ( IND) took an average of 10 months to process asylum applications and is understaffed.

Moreover, as the number of refugees in the Netherlands rises, refugee centres are full, warns the refugee resettlement agency COA. But how are asylum applications processed? Trouw and Investico replied to this question in an investigation published in November 2019. The extensively noted documents look at the behind the scenes of the…

Fleeing from chinese “re-education camps” always more muslim Uighur refugees arrive to the NL, and they strive not to be forgotten

By Vittoria Malgioglio and Federico Campanile

Protesters wave a East Turkestan flag
Protesters wave a East Turkestan flag

In Amsterdam, the mild autumn is giving way to the winter’s rain and wind, but despite the cold, the streets of the Neuwe Pijp district remain crowded. Along the narrow city centre streets, in the midst of a mix of Dutch postcard houses and hipster bars, there is also a small Uighur restaurant. …

Marco Cappato

La drammatica vicenda di dj Fabo e la battaglia per la legalizzazione dell’eutanasia in Italia lo hanno fatto conoscere anche oltre lo steccato di chi segue la politica italiana a tempo pieno ma Marco Cappato, 48 anni, ha alle spalle una carriera politica di tutto rispetto: l’impegno politico lo ha portato per due legislature al parlamento europeo, eletto con le liste che di volta in volta hanno rappresentato la famiglia radicale italiana ma soprattutto una lunga esperienza di attivismo per i diritti civili e di proteste non-violente. Cappato era la scorsa settimana a l’Aja per il convegno organizzato dal EUmans…

Why should we talk more about their stories?

Soon after the Japanese surrender on August 15, 1945, one of the darkest chapters of Dutch colonial history opened. On August 17th, Indonesia declared its independence: it was the start of a long and dire conflict against the Netherlands, which did not want to lose its colony.

Conflict comes with displacement: between 1950 and 1951, more than 80,000 people left Indonesia for the Netherlands.

A family whose house was looted by Indonesian men during the conflict.
A family whose house was looted by Indonesian men during the conflict.
A family whose house was looted by Indonesian men during the conflict.

The Hague’s town hall is an impressive building. Despite its intimidating size, it looks light and airy because of its glasses and white metals. It is here that I meet Dr. Margaret Leidelmeijer.

The experts: let’s save ICC? Yes, but reforms are urgent

The facade of the ICC in the Hague, NL ©ICC-CPI

In 1998 the Rome Statute was signed and the ICC was born in the light of a new millennium: it was a glorious momentum of hope. 21 years later, the ICC faces new challenges to its legitimacy. New wars arise, migration intensifies, new powers sit at the negotiating table, populists and strongmen become “fashionable”. But the desire for accountability remains. The question is: will the ICC survive?

“ We need to preserve the multilateral system from those who want to demolish international cooperation” says to William Schabas, one of the world’s leading specialists in international human rights law, he…

Vittoria Malgioglio

Funder of The Hague X Beirut, passionate about communication and politics, but also wine and food. Living anywhere on the globe, with focus on MENA, China, EU.

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